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PitchThis can help your business play a bigger game by developing a successful bidding strategy to lock in more long-term contracts for sustainable revenue streams.



Winning Solutions for Bid-Ready Businesses

The tendering landscape is more competitive than ever with more businesses and better solutions in the market. An initial 90-Minute Pitch Strategy Session allows us to gain insight into your business to help you lay out objectives and discuss a personalised roadmap to success for your business.  

This is for you if you would like to know more about how to overcome the challenges you and other business owners face when preparing bids. 



Common Bid Challenges

New to Bidding

Many clients are confused by the procurement rules and legal requirements of bids. They are unsure of the tendering process and need guidance on how to structure their response to score as highly as possible at EOI/RFP/RFT stage.

Losing Tenders

Have you written more tenders than you care to count with limited results? Often companies come to us because they are bidding for everything and need help to work out strategically which are the right opportunities for them.

An Untrained Team

Businesses may have an opportunity on the horizon but do not have the resources or expertise to execute and submit a response. Or, the person designated with the task may not have the experience or know-how to complete it efficiently.

Cannot Distil Down Their Solution

Trying to create a concise and compelling value proposition can be extremely difficult. Companies can struggle in articulating why their solution is better than others in the market.

Poorly Designed Materials

Your content is good, but your tender submission lacks a professional finish. Having a well-designed document that reflects your brand and values is important if you want to create a lasting impression.

Poor Bid Library Content

You know your product or service inside out, but you don’t know how to effectively articulate it. Some companies find that the procurement process requires certain certificates or policies that they simply do not have. 



Personalised Strategy Session

If you are wanting some strategic advice and support on tenders and bidding, our 90-Minute Pitch Strategy Session is the ideal way to hear from pitch experts to help steer you in the right direction. You will gain clarity on the next steps you should take to become more successful in future bids.

The Benefits of a Strategy Session with PitchThis:

  • Receive honest feedback from bidding experts who can talk you through the current procurement landscape
  • Gain insight and clarity into your business’ next steps towards bidding success
  • Improve the efficiency of your business and team members
  • Create strategic opportunities for your business to gain more tenders
  • Develop better policies and processes to assist in your business and in solutions for bids
  • This package is a smaller cost commitment if you’re unsure where to start with bidding and want to develop knowhow before progressing


It is then your choice if you would like to invest further in your business and take it to the next level with our wide range of services from bid writing and training, through to management and our exclusive partner program.


start on the right foot with

Expert Help from PitchThis Professionals

For 90 minutes via video call, you will have invaluable access to bidding specialists who can help you with the challenges above or discuss other pitching issues unique to your business. PitchThis Managing Director, Robin Hastings, will facilitate and lead the session drawing upon a large pool of talented professionals with skills ranging from:

  • Sales/business planning
  • Content writing
  • Project management
  • Procurement expertise
  • Graphic design
  • As well as ISO/certification knowledge


Why PitchThis?

Launched in 2015 by our MD Robin Hastings, PitchThis was established to assist business owners struggling to win bids in a competitive market. We are passionate about helping level the playing field, by bringing world-class expertise and experience in bid consultancy to mid-tier organisations. Located in Australia and the United Kingdom, we draw on resources from both sides of the globe to provide 24/7 support on bids as they near deadline.


Proven SuCcess

The Numbers don't lie

Mid-tier companies come to PitchThis when they are serious about growth. In our first 5 years of operations, we have won over $3 billion in new revenue for our clients, and we are determined to achieve $5 billion by 2025.

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90 Minutes of forward thinking

What's included in your session

During the 90-minute strategy session, you can gain advice and insight into your business’ pitch needs. The session will be run via video conferencing for up to 5 attendees per business. We recommend choosing 2-3 topics to discuss thoroughly in the session, so there is enough time to gain valuable insights and understanding. Some of these topics may include:

  • Understanding of procurement rules
  • The differences between EOI, RFP and RFT
  • How to choose when to bid and when not to bid
  • How to source the resources or expertise to submit a bid
  • What to include in your bid content library and how best to organise it
  • The best ways to write a compelling value proposition and articulate why your solution is better than others
  • How to design a professional document that reflects your brand and creates a lasting impression

If you are wanting strategic advice and support on tenders and bids, our 90-minute Pitch Strategy Session is the ideal way to hear from pitch experts to help steer you in the right direction and take your business to the next level.

PitchThis is a full-service bid management consultancy. We have bid writers, bid managers, bid trainers, bid coordinators and a range of specialist experts on hand to help your business succeed.


Where to next?

Your Investment

The cost of this package is $499 + GST 

As well as 90 minutes of time with a pitch expert, you will walk away with the knowledge and resources to make strategic opportunities for your business long-term.  

Click below if you are ready to book your 90-Minute Pitch Strategy Session. If you need any further information on this package, or the services provided by PitchThis, get in touch with our team today.  

This is for you if you would like to know more about how to overcome the challenges you and other business owners face when preparing bids. 


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