Win more bids and grow your business. Our team knows what it takes to win tenders and large contracts that goes well beyond bid writing.


Tender Consultants Helping Australian Companies

Winning bids and tenders can be complicated. That’s why we specialise in helping businesses navigate the whole process by offering a complete service ranging from initial development and structuring to submitting the bid and presentation to follow up.


Writing a winning bid doesn’t happen by accident.

The tendering process requires careful planning and management. Using our consulting service means we both focus on the parts we do best, freeing up your time so you can focus on the important job of running your business, whilst we navigate the often tricky bid paperwork and guide you through the process to ensure we submit a compelling tender response in a time-efficient manner.


Qualified & Experienced Consultants

We assist with the entire process, from strategy workshops to developing/writing content, project managing the entire bid, design/layout, through to editing, proofing and submission. The PitchThis team are also regularly involved in developing presentations so we can help you create a slide deck which is aligned to your tender response, as well as assist with rehearsals and develop a script to ensure you and the presentation team are at their best on the day.

For a small business, hiring a consultant to assist with bid writing can mean the difference between winning and losing a valuable contract that is necessary for growth. Someone to bring together all the core stakeholders and manage them effectively and efficiently through every stage of the bid lifecycle. That’s where we come in.



Bid Preparation & Management Services


Plan & coach

Planning is a crucial part of the tendering process. PitchThis assists with planning bids and preparing for the writing process so there is a clear plan of who does what. We also provide coaching throughout the course of the project, to help with building a well-considered bid library to help with a best practice response.

Bid & tender

Write & develop content

Our bid writers are highly experienced and can work with you on overall messaging, nitty gritty details or both. PitchThis assists with writing, editing and proofing your tender response and works closely with business owners and subject matter experts to develop a draft, so responses accurately reflect company values and answer questions effectively.

Partner Programe

Layout design & packaging

We make sure your content looks professional and is easy to understand. With our design and layout help, your tender response documents will stand out with clear messaging and a succinct proposition. Our team can also assist with lodging the submission on your behalf.


Develop a winning strategy

Early in the bid, we host a strategy workshop to develop a winning strategy for the bid. We focus on the four or five compelling reasons your proposition should be considered by the procurement team. These workshops typically involve key stakeholders (bid sponsor, opportunity lead, bid manager) to discuss client needs and workshop solution elements. We then ensure these win themes are highlighted across the tender submission to reinforce your overall proposition.

Bid training

Presentation & coaching

Often pitches involve a presentation round after the tender has been submitted. PitchThis helps ensure the final client presentation is every bit as convincing as the bid. Our team can help design the slides, develop a slide deck, revise/refine the overall solution and key messages, and provide a script for the presentation team. In addition, we provide coaching to prepare presenters for effective delivery and help anticipate likely questions. We are also on hand for rehearsals and coaching, so you are as prepared as possible on the all-important presentation day.

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Monitor tender opportunities

Many businesses find themselves several years in and realise they haven’t met their growth ambitions – to do this you need a strong strategy and sustainable revenue streams. PitchThis provides clients with a robust tender-based strategy that helps you find new contract opportunities. Our team monitors procurement sites to bring you tender opportunities and can help with the bid/ no-bid decision-making process. We can help un-tap private and public sector bids you wouldn’t usually hear about to help you win more business.



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