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Often the first connection with a prospective client is through a capability statement or services overview brochure. This document serves as the initial foot in the door for a potential contract opportunity so it needs to provide an outline of your capability and capacity.

PitchThis can help your business send a strong message to your prospects with a professional capability statement – and the next stage could be an invitation to submit a tender or quote.



Why a Capability Statement is Needed

Before inviting companies to tender, procurement and account teams often research the market to see what suppliers are available and the capabilities they have within the sector or industry.

PitchThis can help create powerful marketing collateral to drive that all important first impression.


capability statements

What is Typically Included

When businesses come to us to help with a capability statement it’s often because they need help articulating their value proposition and key service offering/s. We work with clients to help articulate a clear and robust solution and succinctly explain the benefits.

Capability statements and brochures need to quickly convey your experience and value proposition. They are short, snappy and visually appealing with the aim to create a standout impression to help position your business as strongly as possible.

Capability Statement Brochure
Capability Statement Design

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Yours to Own and Edit

Our aim is to make life easy for you. We know that clients get frustrated being given a document that has been created in a design package you can’t access or edit. We always ensure our capability statements and brochures are created in an editable format (such as Word or PowerPoint) so our clients have complete control.  Yet our graphic designers don’t compromise on quality. You will have professional looking documents, aligned to your branding, as appropriate, to create a strong and lasting impression. 



How We Help

If you are an existing client, we will draw from the knowledge obtained via previous tenders and proposals – and can usually create a draft very quickly for your review based on our existing understanding of your business.

As a new client, we will conduct a strategy session with key stakeholders to discuss your solution, differentiating factors and benefits to the market – once we have an understanding of your business and key messaging, we will create something that aligns with your value proposition.

Marketing Strategy


Why PitchThis?

Launched in 2015 by our MD Robin Hastings, PitchThis was established to assist business owners struggling to win bids in a competitive market. We are passionate about helping level the playing field, by bringing world-class expertise and experience in bid consultancy to mid-tier organisations. Located in Australia and the United Kingdom, we draw on resources from both sides of the globe to provide 24/7 support on bids as they near deadline.


Proven SuCcess

The Numbers Don't Lie

Mid-tier companies come to PitchThis when they are serious about growth. In our first 7 years of operations, we have won over $3 billion in new revenue for our clients, and we are determined to achieve $5 billion by 2025.

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