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Search engine optimisation. Sounds scary, right? Most people in the business realm have at least a passing awareness of the…

The Complete Guide to Hiring a Ghostwriter

Got big ideas, but limited time and resources? Despite having a brilliant idea for a book, many entrepreneurs and business owners simply don’t have the time to write it. That’s where ghostwriting comes in. Hiring a ghostwriter to pick up the slack is often the best solution available.

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Formatting Bids to Win

Document layout and graphic illustrations are often a highly underrated element of bid preparation. The layout of a bid, and use of various graphics help to optimise the chance of the reader understanding and interpreting the full win strategy and key messaging intended by the tenderer.

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Top 5 Tips for Managing Stakeholders

One of the key elements to managing a tender are the stakeholders involved. Timeframes are tight, and bidding teams tend to bring together specialists and management from right across the business; a group of people of all levels of the organisation who don’t necessarily work together often.

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Persuasive Writing Tips for Proposals

Often when clients approach us for help writing a business proposal or tender response, they are after help with persuasive writing. The content of the document often requires input from a range of different technical leads, sector experts and operations staff – and many of these people are not writers.
See my top five tips for writing a persuasive document, aimed at helping the prospect to understand the offer or opportunity you’re hoping they will accept.

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