Where on the iceberg are you? – The business opportunity you can’t see below the water line

There has never been a better time to rethink your strategic business growth channels than now. New opportunities are here.

Corporate and government procurement teams have finally received the green light to go to market rather than just renegotiate with current suppliers, protecting internal stakeholders against the perceived distress of ‘cost of change’.

As a result, we are seeing an influx of tender opportunities being posted via portals and formal procurement mechanisms.

The shift has seen a need to develop new and review existing strategies for growth – ones that are flexible and can be sustained over the mid and long-term.

If you are new or out of touch with the world of bidding, this shift might feel like you’re on a sinking ship; but you’re in the right place.

Need a helping hand to learn how to grow your business through tendering?

Our professional services team at PitchThis have decades of combined knowledge in the industry and know exactly what it takes to to win tenders.

Here’s our iceberg analogy to help you understand business tendering and where you sit:

Imagine an iceberg. You, and all your competitors, can see the top of the iceberg above the water line. Which means your competitors can all see the exact same thing.

This is your business values, mission and ethics, working relationships and collaborations.

Getting an advantage doesn’t come from seeing above the surface, but from knowing what is beneath…

That’s where your bid solution needs to be unique, showing your potential customer how well you understand their needs to enable them to solve problems, meet expectations and succeed.

Where on the iceberg are you? It’s time to find your competitive edge.

Sign-up for our 90-minute Pitch Strategy Session, designed specifically to help businesses in need of direction.

This ‘no-obligation’ session gives you an opportunity to get strategic advice and insights into tenders and bidding. –- – Develop the ‘knowhow’ of bidding before going all in.

This includes strategic things like:

  • Company strategy and vision: show you understand their current drivers and plans for the future
  • Well-considered solution: how does your approach align with their objectives and how does it differentiate from others in the market? Ideally show a reduction in risk or cost, or improved efficiency etc.
  • Resourcing plan: Highlight key staff and the unique skills of your team… and most importantly how this will benefit the client
  • COVID-19 and pandemic planning: demonstrate you have a future proof plan for business continuity should further lockdowns occur
  • Existing service/product: if you are the incumbent show why you are the best choice, or if it’s new contract, explain why they should switch to you
  • KPIs: what proof will you have that you can achieve your tender promises? How will it be measured?
  • Relationships: strong and meaningful relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, business partnerships can be crucial. Align your providers to the needs of your client so you are working on the same page.
  • Market intelligence: give them information they haven’t asked for. Industry benchmarking, competitor analysis or thought leadership in their key sectors can show how you are prepared to go the extra mile.

A deep dive

Our job is to dive under the surface with you and go through a process of discovering your business’ unique positioning and edge.

Through a workshop and discovery process, we will seek to understand your current business and which market sectors are suitable.

By undertaking internal and market research, we will help you understand key areas of influence and introduction.

This way you can maximise your impact, putting resources towards opportunities that make sense for your business – to find your winning edge through realistic and honest opportunity assessment.

Whilst we cannot guarantee you winning a contract; we can challenge, coach and guide to help ensure your tender submission scores as highly as possible.

PitchThis can provide a range of business consultancy, training and mentoring services to assist with your bidding and business development needs. GET IN TOUCH with our team today for a no obligation 15-minute consultation.


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