Importance of a Bid Library

A well-constructed bid library can make or break a bid under tight timeframes. As well as ensuring you have access to the most up to date information and create a consistent message to market – having everything centrally located can make the tender process much more efficient, streamlined, and reduce the stress that often occurs when a bid lands. 

This means you can focus more of your attention during the live tender period on establishing a robust solution that meets the procurement objectives, and developing clear win themes with a compelling and persuasive message.

Some of the benefits of creating a robust bid library:

Minimise searching time.

Under the pressure of a live bid, it can be tricky to remember where your most relevant information sits.  A bid library means there is only one place to look for the latest version of the required information making the process much more seamless and hassle-free.

Allows more people to work on a bid.

Without a bid library, submissions are heavily reliant on a few people from the organisation working on them because they have all the knowledge of where content sits. This exercise means there is only one place to look which makes it easier for new, or additional people to be involved.

Means the most up to date information is used.

We often see organisations using their ‘preferred’ tender as a base rather than the most relevant and/or up to date version. This means old, and potentially incorrect information, is going into a submission. If there is only one point of truth it minimises errors.

Ensures consistent messaging.

If you are relying on a number of previous submissions, they might each have a slightly different message. Whilst tailoring to the potential buyer and contract on a bid is necessary, it means many of the general messaging around your solution remains consistent, particularly important if you are submitting information to the same organisation across many projects.

Focus on improving, not just reusing content.

During a live bid, it’s often commonplace to focus a lot of time on finding suitable content that will answer the question. What we find with a bid library is that it frees up time to focus on enhancing and improving the content to help put you in a stronger position and score more highly.

Creates a process of continuous improvement.

When content is improved and enhanced, it’s gets fed back into the bid library so it’s readily available for next time. It means that content gets a regular review and refresh which is often overlooked if there isn’t a quality bid library in place.

Whether you are starting from scratch, need an upgrade, or just want a fresh pair of eyes across your content, PitchThis can help accelerate your bidding toolkit and elevate you to the next level. Our team will guide you through the process of starting some of the core documents and content you need in a bid library, and provide a tailored service that meets your bidding needs. GET IN TOUCH with our team today for a no obligation 15-minute consultation.



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