Need help writing a construction tender, a building services tender or a maintenance services tender?



Too busy on the tools to focus on writing bids?

PitchThis can help you build your trade, building or construction business while you focus on operations. We know you have your work cut out for you working with a range of subcontractors and navigating tight timeframes on your projects. It can be difficult to free up time to write tenders to win new work. We can help develop bids on your behalf while you work the tools. Whether you have a specific construction, maintenance or single trade services bid in mind that you absolutely have to win, or you want to work with us on an ongoing basis to consistently win more work, we are here to help!





How trades are winning with PitchThis

  • Whole-of-Government Maintenance Services Agreement
    A writer from PitchThis was engaged by a large multinational to develop a bid for the ACT Whole-of-Government Maintenance Services contract, valued in the tens of millions.


  • Government Panel Agreements for a small Plumbing Business
    We have worked with a small plumbing business to help them develop several government tender responses. Applying for a place on a government panel agreement has helped this company to grow their revenue and expand the company within their existing geographic footprint.


  • Helping a large national trades business identify their blind spots to win more work
    A large $500m turnover trades business came to PitchThis to help them understand how they could bid more successfully. As a well-established business with 100 years trading history, they had a strong reputation and trading history, but having lost some recent bids unexpectedly, they wanted to see if there were elements of their bidding practice that could be improved. We undertook a Bid Readiness Audit to review their previous bids, internal processes and bid structure to help them develop a roadmap for improving their bid win rate.


Tender Writing in the Construction Sector

Struggling to secure Construction contracts or new to the world of tendering? We can help. We’ve got the expertise to help you secure your dream contracts.

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