Why A Retainer Arrangement Is A Good Way To Manage Bids

Bidding can be hard. You may be a small business with no tender capabilities, or your in-house team may be overworked, or you may find you just simply can’t find people with the right experience and skillset.

More increasingly we are establishing retainer contracts to help companies more effectively manage their bidding requirements. Rather than engage a consultancy for an ad hoc tender, the client signs up for a set period of time, over an agreed number of hours, at a known cost. Our retainer plans come in all shapes and sizes – but one thing is the same – we flex our approach and are available to scale up or down as needed to ensure a highly efficient bidding service.

The best of both worlds

Many companies simply don’t have the time, energy, or skill set to manage bids in-house. Clients are seeking an alternative solution to alleviate them of the burden by appointing a specialist bid consultancy, so they have bid experts on-hand throughout the year.

We have found that businesses that are increasing their bidding capacity often hire a junior or mid-level bid writer. This level of in-house resource often has limited skills and experience. Working with an entire agency like PitchThis, means you get the benefit of a full bid team, with senior oversight and experience to help mentor junior team members, for a similar price.

Our retainers provide access to Bid Strategist, Project Manager, Writer, Graphic Designer, and Bid Coordinator all in one package. When a bid lands, we pull in different members of the team to provide services that best meets their expertise to ensure you are provided with the most skilled person for the job.

Key services

  • Opportunity monitoring: Tender monitoring to help identify opportunities and ensure you are aware of opportunities within your market sectors.
  • Bid library development: Ensure you have a well-established, comprehensive bid library, prior to your first bid. Typically, a bid library consists of company overview, CVs, case studies, org chart, account management approach, project plan, bank of policies/certifications etc.
  • Bid qualification: Develop a bid qualification process suited to the needs of your business, to make better bid/no bid decisions.
  • Bid management: Where opportunities are identified and qualified, provision of bid management and bid writing support.
  • Procurement advice: Experienced procurement advice to help analyse procurement strategy and develop supplier management documentation to help strengthen your bid.

Main benefits

  • Support when you need it. You always have someone available to work on your contract, covering annual/sick leave.
  • Experienced multidisciplinary team. With decades of experience across multiple sectors, offering a best practice perspective.
  • The right person for the task. We can pull in a manager, writer, procurement specialist, graphic designer, or coordinator as needed.
  • Act as an extension of your business. Our team immerses themselves in your world. We hit the ground running and work with internal stakeholders to provide a seamless and proactive service.
  • Scale up and down. We have the ability to scale up a full bid team for large/complex bids or pare back resources if you are going through a quiet period.
  • Cost conscious. Spread the cost of bidding evenly over a set period to manage your budgets. And flexible approach to spread hours as appropriate across the services you require.
  • Best practice approach. Our bidding professionals have worked on hundreds of bids for different organisations across many industries. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Are you ready to play a bigger game?

PitchThis has developed a unique retainer program aimed at supporting ambitious companies as they seek to expand. Our multi-disciplinary team can assist in all aspects of tendering – from opportunity monitoring to project management, writing, and graphic design, through to submission.

We know what it takes to win strategic contracts – and keep them.



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