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Social Media Messaging Review

Your tender proposition needs to be reinforced across all social media platforms and channels for maximum impact


Key Messaging

Our Review Can Help Reinforce Your Proposal Solution

We love creating persuasive bid documents with impact. Our team specialise in capturing key messages and effectively highlighting value propositions for our clients. Bur this is only half the story. Let us review your social channels such as company website, LinkedIn and social media feeds to make sure the heavy lifting that goes into the bid document isn’t wasted. 

Our experts can work in tandem with your website developers to ensure you send a consistent, reliable and powerful message across your social media platform to help position you strongly for that next all important bid. 

Social Media consistency


Consistency of Messages Across Social Media is Essential

Often businesses invest significant time and cost into bid/tender submissions without stopping to check if their key messages are reflected or reinforced across their online presence. The company website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter and Facebook posts all need to sing from a similar hymn sheet to ensure maximum impact of your key messaging.


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The Procurement Team Could Discredit Your Bid

Procurement teams are increasingly implementing more robust due diligence, including a thorough review of online presence when shortlisting bidders to the next stage of assessment. As well as scoring your proposal, they may also conduct an online search that could influence the decision. 

Social Media Search


What to Look Out For
There are a few things that companies often get wrong. For example:

Messaging is inconsistent

You are reinforcing one thing in your tender, but it's conflicted by details on your website.

Crucial people are missing

Key personnel feature in your submission and are absent from LinkedIn or website personnel pages.

Services are not mentioned

Sometimes a business is pitching for a service or offering that isn't listed on their website.

Values not supported

The importance of culture and values are reinforced in the bid, however are inconsistent or barely mentioned on their online platforms.

Contradictory stats and data

Simple things like business address, contact details, number of staff, revenue, etc. are incorrect online and create conflict with the bid.

Misaligned branding

Logos, colour schemes and consistency of photos do not tally up and confuse your brand and messaging.



Whilst these things sound fairly minor, they can have a big impact on the potential buyer’s opinion of you and your business’ ability to build trust in your audience.



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