When is it time to enlist the help of a specialist pitch consultancy?

Many businesses are frustrated with the pitching/tender process. It can be confusing, time-consuming and feel like there’s little control over the outcome.

You can find yourself competing in a situation where you know you have a superior product or solution, but your tender is just not getting across the line. We get it. Often when clients first come to us, it’s because they have had a string of bad results and are unsure how to turn things around. Our team often see four main reasons why this has happened:


Bigger firms have fully fledged teams that consist of project managers, bid writers, bid support, design and graphics, certification, sales and procurements experts, whilst your tender team is smaller, ad-hoc or non-existent.

A specialist pitch consultancy can provide dedicated and experienced professionals across a variety of disciplines to ensure not only we help with your content, but provide expertise in the design, compliance and project management.


With no prizes for second place, tenders are an expensive business. It’s been a costly exercise in terms of time and dedicated resources. You may also feel there is a lack of expertise and knowledge in your team when it comes to corporate bidding without a reliable ROI in this area.

The knowledge and expertise of specialists can significantly improve your chances, with many of us having decades of expertise and a winning track record.


You know tender opportunities are out there but uncertain how to find them. And when you do find them it’s a minefield trying to work out which would be the best ones to go for.

Armed with a network and ready to play a bigger game, a pitch consultancy can help you navigate the landscape and answer the first, vitally important question: should you even pitch?


Your business is demanding, and you do not have enough time or the right resources to allocate efforts to the problems outlined above. Your focus is on existing business operations, but you know you should also be looking for new opportunities to help feed the pipeline.

Outsourcing tenders means you can put your time and effort into other important areas while letting professionals take care of the strategy for you.

If you are currently struggling with an important tender, have a strategic bid coming up, want help to fill your opportunity pipeline, or need some guidance and training – it could be time to talk to a consultancy to help elevate your pitch to the next level.

PitchThis can provide a range of business consultancy, training and mentoring services to assist with your bidding and business development needs. GET IN TOUCH with our team today for a no obligation 15-minute consultation.



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